Toilet Calculator Guide

To optimise better user experience, we have compiled this guide to assist your requirement in providing adequate toilet ratio.

Our Assistance

Porta Pumper have compiled a walkover guide statically designed from our 20 years of experience, to help you determine the appropriate toilet quantity to cater to your requirements. Ensuring the adequate quantity is very important so as to optimise user experience and avoid the pitfall of toilet provision for your events and worksites.

Our Suggestions

Should your requirement consist of other units such as VIP, Urinal, Physically Challenge, Handwash Station, Shower Room, Sink and Water Tank, please feel free to contact us for a detailed quotation and suggestion to best cater to you needs.


Factors to Consider

  • Number of Workers / Staff?
  • Servicing Frequency (Per Week)
  • 8 Hours / 24 Hours Shift
  • Number of Toilet Location within Site
  • Number of Attendees?
  • Event Duration (Per Day)
  • More Female Attendees?
  • Serving Food and Alcohol?
  • Any Physically Challenged Users?
  • Any Special Guests / VIP?
  • Requirement for Cleaners & Waste Management?
Community Events

Less than 6 hours (1 : 150 pax)

Sports Events

Start Point (1 : 250 pax)
Water Points (1 : 1 point)
End Point (1 : 200 pax)

Music Festivals

(1 : 150 pax)


Less than 8 hours (1 : 200 pax)
for longer duration (1 : 150 pax)

**To optimise space and usage you may want to consider Quartz Mini Urinal or Mensroom. Differentiate Male & Female use.